Data protection management software

Data protection management software – Promoting structure, creating measurability

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes far-reaching documentation obligations on companies and authorities. Above all, the records of processing activities are of enormous importance and serves as an important basis for a data protection management system.

But also as process documentation, for workflows in the case of requests from affected parties or service provider checks or simply for resubmission of processing activities to be checked: In individual tables or even on paper this can hardly be represented reasonably in medium-size enterprises or larger authorities.

This distress was seen and as a result a kaleidoscope of different solution providers exists.

Below is a list of potential data protection management software that is certainly not always complete. In any case, our experience has shown that it is advisable to take the time for an in-depth test of the providers you are interested in.

Name Manufacturer Location Languages available Module „DSFA“? Cloud or On Premise?
2B Advice – The Privacy Benchmark 2B Advice Deutschland DE, EN Cloud  On Premise 
WeControl Wecontrol Business Services OÜ Estonia, London, Spain EN Cloud 

If you have gotten to know a DMS that is not listed here yet, please let us know here. We are happy to add reputable providers to our list.